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  Parking Systems
Save Money with a Better Parking System
When you're parking system isn't working, it's costing you money. Choose a parking security system that you can count on - one that is durable and reliable. Electronic Gate Systems offers you top-rated entry gates and leading brand, state-of-the-art control systems that last and last. Along with quality products, Electronic Gate Systems offers the guarantee of service, and convenient maintenance packages, so you'll never have to worry about repair problems.
Bollards / Automatic

Preventative Maintenance
Card Access

Find the Right Solution to your Unique Parking System Needs
No matter how unusual your design or installation requirements, Electronic Gate Systems can meet your needs. Forget the pre-fab or packaged solution; we custom build each parking system. And, with our in-house design and fabrication departments we can easily create and customize a design to fit your exact needs. Electronic Gate Systems
offers complete solutions for parking and revenue control that can work independently or can integrate seamlessly with Access Control, Visitor Processing and other systems required in any medium to large complex. We offer multiple solutions for handling “Monthly” (Regular) as well as  (short term) parking patrons and with TCP/IP connectivity for all our components, integration with existing LAN/WAN infrastructure is assured. From standalone systems to integrated “Auto-Pay” systems, Electronic Gate Systems can provide the most cost-effective and feature-rich solution as summarized by some of the key components outlined below:


Fixed Security Bollards
Our manual and fixed product family consists of our manually operated retractable security posts, our lift out perimeter hoops, our specialist pedestrian posts & retract cast bollards and the fixed or static equivalent of each of those products.

Manual Lift Retractable Bollards
Manual lift bollards are our entry-level and most economical retractable bollard product. Bollard - Manually Retractable Security BarrierWhen retracted, the bollard is covered by a locking lid with a tamper-resistant key for extra security. Optionally, we also offer an external padlocking model. Deploying th
e bollard is as easy as unlocking and opening the lid and lifting the bollard by the top handle. The bollard lifts easily from its recess in the ground and locks into place.

Embedded Security Bollards
Embedded security bollards provide solid protection against vehicle incursion. These bollards stand 48” tall – 36” above ground and typically 12” below grade. (Larger bollard diameters extend 18” below grade.) A security bollard’s impact resistance is a combination of the steel bollard diameter, wall thickness, and engineered footing.

Security Lighted Bollards
Security lighted bollards provide impact resistance against vehicles while illuminating the surrounding area. They blend the strength of our security posts with the aesthetics of our lighted architectural bollards. The result is a lighted bollard that contributes to perimeter defense while adding to the atmosphere.

Architectural Lighted Bollards
Architectural lighted bollards deter vehicles, guide pedestrians, and illuminate walkways. These bollards are anchored to a base plate foundation. This footing makes architecturally lighted bollards easy to install in almost any location. The base-plate mount limits the bollards stopping power. This bollard should never be relied upon to stop a vehicle.

Ideally, lighted bollards ubiquitously blend in with the environmental design. They should unobtrusively guide pedestrians and illuminate otherwise dangerous areas. Architectural lighted bollards are our most economical lighted bollard. (We also offer lighted security, retractable, and K-rated bollards.) Our architectural lighted bollards improve visibility and safety

Automatic Bollards
Automatic rising bollards are fast becoming an everyday site for millions of people around the world, the robust construction and reliable operation makes them the most effective way of managing traffic and protecting pedestrians.

The system comes with red and green indicator lights to advise drivers of the position of the bollards and loops are installed in the ground to instruct the bollards to rise once a vehicle has passed and also to prevent bollards from rising underneath vehicles. Other loops such as approach loops are installed to track vehicles and send information to the system, this is dependant on the way the client wants the system to operate.

  Preventive Maintenance
Whether it be for your home, auto or business, equipment repairs and maintenance are just a regular part of life.

Regrettably, any equipment may be susceptible to break down at some time during its working life. In recognition of this, EGS strongly recommends that all automated security systems be maintained on a regular basis to make sure that your property is secure at all times. Regular maintenance will also save you money as prevention is always better than cure and expensive & unplanned ‘call-outs’ can be dramatically reduced. EGS offer's two levels of maintenance cover to suit individual needs. Thorough servicing and cleaning of systems, both internally and externally, not only ensures optimum performance and safety of equipment, but can also highlight any minor issues before they escalate. When protected with maintenance cover you receive a preferential response time, which is normally the next working day or better. Looking after your system properly not only provides peace of mind but also helps to preserve the life of the system. The following categories describe the types of gate systems maintained.
  • Residential Gates:
    Systems with single or double automated gates
  • Commercial or Community Gates:
    Systems with single or double automated gates
    Systems with exit and entrance gates, or multiple entrances/exits
  • Extreme Usage Gates:
    Storage unit gates
    Community or apartment gates that serve 30 or more homes/units

Preventative maintenance provides the benefits of:

Allows you to budget appropriately, to keep facilities operating efficiently.
you from unexpected costly emergency repairs.
We find minor problems
before they become major, more expensive problems
Continued trouble free operation and peace of mind
Increase the longevity of your equipment
Preventative maintenance minimizes wear and deterioration, retains a good appearance, and increases the security of your gate and operator.

Continual security
and convenience

Keeps key employees from having to waste time with preventable problems.
Decrease down time When a gate is inoperable, vehicles not being able to enter or leave, and emergency service are just a few examples. We keep your equipment working properly by finding problems that could lead to inoperable gates.
Our customers get rewarded for their loyalty Customers participating in our Preventative Maintenance and Inspection Service receive a 10% or 25% discount off our parts on included gates for the first year of the program. The discount will continue for each year that the program is renewed. The program must be renewed within one year to maintain the discount. These savings alone could pay for the service

  Card Access Systems
Card Access Systems are "custom" designed for your individual needs. We specialize in one to however many doors and sites you want to control. EGS has several access systems to meet your needs, some of which can serve as an intrusion system for your facility.
  • Electronic Gate Systems
  • RDIF Systems
  • Proximity Card Key Systems
  • Swipe Card Key Systems
  • Access by Authority Level
  • Photo Identification Systems
  • On-Site PC Controlled Systems
  • Local PC Report System

Proximity cards transmit their information to the card reader without any physical contact. This provides an easy to use vandal resistant system. Access is granted when a valid card is presented to the card reader. Dimensions of the various card readers available vary with the reader make and the read distance. As a general rule of thumb, the longer the read distance, the larger the card reader.

Card reader mounted
on an enclosure for
outdoor applications.

Long range readers can read tags up to 9-feet away.

Contactless proximity readers require no touch to read the card

Key-tabs are small and fit on your key chain.

RDIF allows hands-free vehicle access for gated communities, parking lots, fleet control,ect.

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